Film on world referendum online

written by: Fred – Egality Berlin

WORLD VOTE NOW captures insights into the political landscape across the globe. Primarily it is not a film explaining the necessity of global democracy. It is rather a documentary of the filmmaker’s discoveries along his search for a more democratic global order. Like any film also this one has some flaws, but it is none the less a must see for any global democracy activist!

World Vote Now

From the film maker:

When we shot “World Vote Now” from 2001-2009, in 26 countries around the world, we got a first glimpse of what kind of global democratic system is needed and what is possible. Nobody could have predicted the incredible events that have since followed in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and the wider Arab Spring. Nobody could have foretold that millions of people would rise up to have their voices heard with the “Indignado” movement in Spain, Greece and across Europe, the Occupy Movement across North America and in mass-protests against tyranny and a broken system from Russia to China. People everywhere are fed up! We have heard the public outcry! It’s time to get organized and build a true global democracy.

Watch the full film for free on vimeo in english or spanish.