People in Greece! Vote in the German elections 2013!

Áνθρωποι στην Ελλάδα! Ψηφίστε στις γερμανικές εκλογές 2013!

German politics affect Greeks
In September 2013, German citizens will elect their next parliament and government. But the decisions taken by the German government affect not only people living in Germany. It also influences policies affecting people elsewhere.

Transnational issues need transnational democracy
This is where we see a fundamental problem: a lack of democracy at the international level. Everyone should have an equal say on the decisions that affect them. What concerns all, must be decided by all.

Let’s rise up for real democracy!
To protest the lack of democracy, to reclaim our popular sovereignty, and to show our solidarity with people in Greece, we want to give our votes in the 2013 election to people in Greece who are affected by the policies of this unaccountable, undemocratic system. With this act of rebellion, we want to provoke people to think about democracy in new ways beyond the nation state.

We want to hear your stories. How are you affected by policies dictated by people you did not elect? What do you think about this idea? Would you be willing to proactively participate? Get in touch:

Previous campaigns

Give Your Vote 2010

Poster from Give Your Vote 2010 in the UK

The 2013 Germany elections campaign builds on the Give Your Vote campaign run by Egality London activists: In May 2010, thousands of people in the UK gave their votes to people outside the country to protest the lack of democracy in international decisions on climate change, migration, trade and war.


Real Democracy

‎نريد ديمقراطية حقيقة
דמוקרטיה אמיתית

Real Democracy Facebook Page


The “Real Democracy” campaign in early 2013 was an act of refusal, a democratic rebellion similar to Give Your Vote in the UK. Israeli citizens gave up their own votes and instead voted as their Palestinian counterparts told them to. Visit the campaign’s facebook page for details about the campaign:


Video about Give Your Vote in the UK


Give Your Vote – die Welt wählt mit!

Zur Bundestagswahl 2013 wollen wir die Grenzen nationaler Demokratie sprengen und Menschen in anderen Ländern, die von der Politik der Bundesregierung betroffen sind, unsere Stimmen schenken.
Unser Projekt knüpft an Give Your Vote in England an, das unsere Schwesterorganisation Egality London durchgeführt hat: Tausende Menschen in Afghanistan, Bangladesh und Ghana nahmen 2010 an den britischen Parlamentswahlen teil – und protestierten so gegen das Demokratiedefizit bei Entscheidungen zu Klimawandel, Migration, Handel und Krieg.
Wenn Du mithelfen willst das Projekt umzusetzen, dann schreibe uns: